Ten Places In Town To Watch Liverpool v Real Madrid

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“Six times! We’ve won it six tiiimes/In Kiev, we won it six times!”

How that chant sounds depends on where your loyalties lie. For Liverpool supporters it would be as mellifluous and soothing as a babbling brook on a sunny day.

For most other soccer fans it would sound like a cat and a crow, both armed with a knife and a vial of acid, locked in a death grip with their claws scraping down a blackboard.

It’s this fascinating dichotomy between the fans that is going to make Saturday such a manic, magnificent night out in town for the Champions League Final (kick-off 7.45pm).

Funnily enough, Liverpool fans could be in the minority in most pubs as many United/Chelsea/Arsenal/Chesterfield/Nameanyclubyoulike supporters will be expecting hot favourites Real Madrid to get the better of Liverpool so they can enjoy an apoplectic gloating frenzy come the final whistle.

So where’s a good place to watch it?

1. The Huddle Bar

The Huddle are catering for both sides of the upcoming clash. Photo by Fergus Dennehy.

While ostensibly a place for all sports fans, the bar has a shrine inside the front door to Liverpool and it’s been the scene of some wild celebrations for Kopites of late.

The scenes at the end of the Roma game were something to behold. Don’t expect to get a good view of the multiple screens unless you’re in before 6.30pm. One of the few places where Liverpool fans will virtually take over.

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2. O’Donnell’s Mounthawk…

Apparently, this is the ‘official’ place that Liverpool supporters are gathering to watch the game in Tralee. Famed local Red, Leo Byrne, has organised a special night with a signed Jurgen Klopp shirt to be raffled for €5 a ticket (funds going to the Irish Kidney Foundation) and food at half-time.

The word is there’s a huge crowd of Reds heading there.

3. Paddy Macs…

With the bar staff mostly made up of Pool fans, Reds will feel at home here and the atmosphere is sure to be amazing in the compact and friendly pub.

4. Kirbys Brogue Inn

Chances are that Liverpool fan Brian Morgan (who was in Istanbul back in 2005) won’t be behind the bar tonight, but you’ll be made welcome in a place where you can have a bite to eat (if your stomach settles with the nerves) before watching the match.

There’s music later on too, if Liverpool fans want to carry on celebrations….that’s a big if!

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5. Hennessy’s

Back when I were a lad, many moons ago, huge numbers of Liverpool fans used to congregate here in the 80s/90s, for the big games.

You can expect the big bar to be buzzing from early on in the night.

6. Bailys Corner

Although, traditionally a rugby haunt, this Castle Street bar will be packed to the rafters with fans of all teams looking forward to the game on Garry’s big HD TV screens.

7. The Castle Bar

Despite being more known as a Chelsea/Man Utd/Leeds pub, the slagging should be good in this famous Rock Street institution. They were asking anyone with Liverpool flags, scarfs etc to call in and decorate the pub during the week, so it should be some night there.

8. The Blasket

Apparently, the place was rocking all night after the semi-final win, so Liverpool supporters can expect a bit of craic at the Castle Street bar. If Liverpool win the late bar will be rocking.

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9. The Abbey Inn

Danny Leane Jnr is a big fan so Liverpool fans will be in good company for the game.

Like The Blasket, if the Reds win, this will be a great spot for the late drink and celebrations into the night.

10. The Greyhound

Always a great place for football games, there’s enough tellies around the place to make sure everyone has a good view. Again, fans with loyalties to all clubs will mingle here so the banter should be fun.

So then, you’re spoilt for choice with that array of great places to watch the match. Altogether now, “Allez allez allez! Allez allez allez!!!…”

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