Tesco Manor Staff Set To Strike From Valentines Day

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STAFF at Tesco in Manor West are set to go on strike on Valentines Day.

It’s one of nine stores nationwide that will start industrial action next Tuesday and will continue for an indefinite period.

The dispute with the company is over cuts to earnings. The Mandate union which represents 10,000 workers at the stores warned that the action could spread to another 15 stores, which will ballot on industrial action tonight and tomorrow.

Members of the union balloted by 78pc in favour of strikes after the union accused the company of attempting to force changes to 250 workers’ contracts of employment without agreement.

Mandate said the new contracts would result in some workers suffering cuts to their incomes of up to 15pc, along with increased flexibility in their work practices.

The Union say the company has never justified the cuts to their workers’ conditions of employment and Tesco’s actions are an abuse of power from a major multinational corporation against a small number of local workers who have given more than 20 years of loyal service.

John Douglas, Mandate General Secretary said; “Tesco is the most profitable retailer in the Republic of Ireland with estimated profits of more than €200 million annually and has recently purchased the largest UK wholesaler Booker for €4.3 billion. The company has confirmed that dividend payments to shareholders will restart this year and their share price has gone up by 33 percent in six months.”

“Meanwhile,” added Mr Douglas, “Tesco workers in Ireland who have worked with the company for more than 21 years, and are already classified as low-paid on slightly more than €14 per hour, are being told to accept imposed changes to their contracts or get out the door.”


He said; “No worker wants to go on strike, but our members recognise that if Tesco can get away with tearing up contracts of employment without agreement for pre-1996 staff, it’ll be the 3,000 workers on post-1996 contracts who are currently on a higher hourly rate of pay next. That’s why we’ve seen such strong support from our members in these ballots for industrial action, particularly from those not affected by cuts, yet. They understand that together we are stronger.”’

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