The Five Stages Of Emotion You’ll Experience When Taking On The Scariest Bazaar Rides

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You’re looking forward to taking on the scariest rides at Birds Amusements. Well sort of…a bit anyway…eh, no actually you aren’t. Here’s the range of emotions you go through…

1. Arrogant bravado

From the safety of your house, you’ll bravely tell your friends about how you’re going to go on absolutely everything this year, even the Take-off, Waltzers and The Big Wheel.

Yep, this year is going to be different. You won’t get scared at all.


It starts off so well with arrogant bravado..

2. Nerves shredding

Okay, you’re a little nervous. The sound of the music coming from the rides seems an awful lot closer now that you’ve left your house. It’s cool though, you expected this and you’re able to handle it.

That queasy feeling in your stomach? That’s nothing…it’s going to be fine.

Me? Nervous? Nonsense!


You can convince yourself all you like…

3. Fear

Oh god…how did you ever think you would go on this?

The ride looms ominously in front of you and you actually feel your nerves shredding and your intestines knotting  inside your stomach.

Is it swaying? It looks like it’s swaying.

Your friends aren’t going to let you off though…prodding and poking you constantly with persuasive words until you hand over your money for the ticket.


This ride just isn’t for you…

4. Seriously, fear!

You’ve never been more aware of any moment in your entire life than you are right now as you find yourself strapped into the ride.

Is my phone safe? My neck seems stiff. I’m not sitting right. This strap is definitely loose/too tight. I shouldn’t be on this.


Oh god…is that it starting? Better close my eyes!


Some people just aren’t build for amusement park rides.

5. Relief

Woo! What were you even worried about?

You know what? This place ain’t so scary after all. Let’s do it again!


How you feel after beating the nerves at the bazaar.

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