The Planned Nightclub At Godfrey Place Has A New Name…

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The logo for the new nightclub.

THE new nightclub, which is due to open at the old Fabric building in Godfrey Place, has a new name.

It will be called ‘Quarters’ and according to their new Facebook page cover photo (click  here to like it) it is still set to open sometime in May.

The name relates to the four different rooms that will make up the club and how they hope to create different atmospheres for each one, according to one of the four men behind the business, James Flaherty from Lixnaw.

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“We hope to cater for everyone under the one roof by offering four different options,” said James.

Last month, James told us the new business will also see a new live music bar opening at the weekends in the building.

Mr Flaherty told us he believes there is a need for a new nightclub for young people in the town and beyond.

Mr Flaherty also said that while there will be many changes to the interior, there won’t be a complete overhaul of the building and people may recognise a few features from the old Fabric.

He promised that punters will be very impressed with the look of the new club when it opens.

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