The Temperature Recorded In Valentia Yesterday Was Incredible

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Met Eireann.

Met Eireann.

THE wonders of Irish weather never cease to amaze.

After what was a wash-out of a Summer we’re experiencing some of the finest weather in months after the clocks have gone back.

In Valentia, yesterday the observatory recorded a barely believable highest temperature  of 19.5 °C – which was the warmest in the country.

Just over eight hours of sunshine was also recorded, which is a substantial amount given sunrise is now roughly 7:30am and sunset 5:00pm.

The good news is the unseasonably sunny weather is expected to continue in Kerry until the weekend.

There is one cautionary note, because of the increased chance of fog, Gardai are warning motorist and other people travelling at night or early morning to take care and remain vigilant of the conditions.

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