Thieves Selling Stolen Animal Charity Raffle Tickets On The Street

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Sera Husky Animal Rescue

Sera Husky Animal Rescue

YOUNG Men claiming to be from an animal charity were selling stolen raffle tickets in Tralee in the past week.

Last Wednesday, raffle tickets for an upcoming fundraising event were stolen from the Sera Husky Sanctuary Shop on Rock Street (in laneway across from World of Wonder).

On Saturday, staff there received reports of two young men selling Sera tickets around town and taking money from unsuspecting members of the public.

When the charity heard about this, they reported it to the Gardaí who have since launched an investigation.

The young men selling the tickets are believed to be in there late teens or early 20s.

Sera Husky and Animal Rescue is a charity that is dedicated to helping huskies and wolf type breeds that are in need. They have 12 volunteers and often care for upwards of 20 dogs at their sanctuary in Lisselton. 

Sera have said that any of their volunteers selling raffle tickets wear official Sera t-shirts and will have a Garda permit to prove their legitimacy.

The charity are reliant on fundraisers and help from the public to keep their services up and running.

New tickets have been printed by Sera that say “reprinted on 12th of October on them”.

If you have any information on the incidents or come in to contact with people selling tickets please contact Sera Animal Rescue or Tralee Gardaí on 066 – 7102300.

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