‘This Is Me’ Exhibition At Kerry County Museum

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Maxwell’s art will feature in This Is Me at Kerry County Museum from March 26th. Photo D Fortune

KERRY Local Creative Youth Partnership at Kerry ETB has announced a new children’s art installation at Kerry County Museum in Tralee featuring work from children and young people from diverse backgrounds.

‘This Is Me’ is an exciting, immersive show that captures the essence of an art workshop and can only be experienced by walking through the art, seeing it from all sides in a riot of colour and texture.

The installation is the culmination of a year’s work by 24 young participants who are based at Johnston Marina Hotel in Tralee and Atlas House in Killarney.

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Facilitated by David Fortune, artist-director of Me and The Moon, the show will open on Saturday March 26th and run until June 28th at Kerry County Museum Tralee.

“I will be showing my art with my own friends. I can’t wait to invite my friends, I want them to all to see my art”, stated Rayat, a young representative of the group whose work features in the show.

Loukman’s Dot Paintings feature in This Is Me at Kerry County Museum from March 26th. Photo D Fortune

When it comes to imagination, Samia, another member of the group had much to say about how she creates pieces of work, “I look at the sky and get inspiration from the sky colours”.

For David Fortune, the artist facilitator who has been working with the young art-makers; giving the children time to play with the process gives them the opportunity to learn, discover and allows creativity to flow.

“The process is often reflected in the final work, we are recreating what it is like to be in a space where work is made”, stated David when asked about the concept behind the art installation.

Me and the Moon are seasoned facilitators of art projects, based in Tralee, the company prioritise children and young people in their work, exploring with them new ideas and imagining new worlds, in This Is Me, the focus is on celebrating the children’s freedom of expression and imagination.

The project was kindly facilitated by the staff of Onsite Facilities Management Ltd at Johnston Marina Hotel in Tralee and Atlas House in Killarney, along with parents and caregivers who supported their children to attend weekly art making workshops at the centres.

The show is a celebration of how the children see the world, and can be visited in the County Museum. It is accompanied by a short film on the making of the show in the audio visual room.

“To see the children lead in terms of curating and making decisions about how to hang the show was a joy to watch. The group went about creating a joyful experience for visitors to the museum and this is a very great achievement for them. We, at Kerry ETB are delighted that so many people got involved and supported this project,” stated Ann O’Dwyer, Director of Schools, Youth and Music at Kerry ETB.

The show is highlighted on @kerrylcyp @meandthemoonworkshops (Instagram handle) and on www.kerryetb.ie/creativity For more information email denright@kerryetb.ie

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