Thousands Of Euro Of Suspected Drugs Seized By Gardaí In Killorglin Area

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Some of the drugs seized by gardaí.

AS part of Operation Thor, Gardaí carried out a day of action in Killorglin over a 24 hour period from  June 25th -26th and seized €4,180 of suspected drugs, arrested two drug drivers and seized one car.

This Day of Action was broken into three phases which involved the targeting of illicit drugs as well as community engagement activities.

Phase one of operation focused on road safety and enforcing road traffic legislation. Gardaí from the Kerry Roads Policing Unit and Kerry Divisional Drugs Unit patrolled Killorglin on Thursday evening 25th June and arrested two drivers on suspicion of drug driving having tested positive for cocaine and cannabis.

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Both drivers were brought to Killarney Garda Station and later released. A file will be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Phase two of the operation began on the morning of the 26th and focused on the sale and supply of drugs in the area. In total approximately €4,180 worth of suspected drugs were seized arising from the search of five properties.

There were no arrests made during this phase but Gardaí are following a definite line of enquiry in each incident.

During the searches the following suspected drugs were seized:
€3,200 cannabis plants
€660 of steroids
€190 Cannabis
€60 Cannabis Resin
€50 Nitrites (Poppers)
€20 Diamorphine

Phase three of the operation focused on community engagement and crime prevention. Checkpoints were conducted at predetermined locations and were conducted by Gardaí from Kerry Roads Policing Unit, Kerry Divisional Drugs Unit and Killarney Garda Station.

At one of the checkpoints, a car was seen doing a U-turn. The car was stopped a short distance away and it transpired that the driver did not have insurance, tax or NCT. The car was seized under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act and the driver will appear before the courts at a later date.

As well as monitoring road traffic enforcement motorists were given advice on vehicle security, in particular about not leaving valuables in their vehicle when it is unattended. From 2016-2019 over €30 million worth of items stolen from vehicles.

While these checkpoints were being conducted, a Garda crime prevention stand was set up outside Killorglin Garda Station. This stand was staffed by Killorglin Gardaí who gave advice to the public on topics such as home security, personal safety and bogus traders and cold callers.

Superintendent Flor Murphy said “The three phase approach to this day of action allowed us to disrupt people believed to involved in the sale and supply of drugs in Killorglin, promoted road safety and enforce road traffic legislation, and got us out there talking to people and building stronger relationships with the people we serve.”

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