Traffic Light System At Low Field/Basin Road Scheduled To Start Late Next Week

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The junction at Low Field/Basin Road.

AFTER months of work, a traffic light system at the junction of Basin Road/Low Field/James Street is scheduled to come into effect from Friday, March 13.

The area has long been a dangerous spot for motorists attempting to cross Basin Road from the Basin View/James Street sides and councillors had been calling for years for something to be done.

The road through O’Rahillys Villas leading to the junction is closed during the day at the moment to allow works on the road.

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The Tralee MD surfaced the junction on Monday and Tuesday of this week following completion of the civils works element of the contract by Elmore Group.

In advance of the surfacing of the works, Tralee MD liaised with Irish Water with regard to the completion of mains replacement works that were required and these works were facilitated last week in advance of surfacing.

Elmore workers are on site at present erecting the hardware for the traffic lights and it is anticipated that these works will be complete by Wednesday, March 11.

The junction will be deliniated immediately thereafter (subject to weather) and it is anticipated that the system will go live by Friday, March 13. The system cannot go live until the lining of the junction is substantially complete.

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