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Dr. Helena Mc Mahon and Cliodhna Dowling of Taste of Science with StoryStock CEO Francis Fitzgibbon and StoryStock editor Shane O’Connor.

TRALEE-BASED media company has teamed up with to offer its bank of food science, business & technology stories to media worldwide using the platform.

The deal, concluded at the beginning of May, will see stories relating to food and agri-food being shared through the platform.

Speaking after the deal was concluded, StoryStock CEO Francis Fitzgibbon said that StoryStock is constantly looking for innovative ways to bring the best content to media.

“Bringing more science content to media is one way to re-establish trust and truth in media. We need to hear from the scientists of the world and through this deal, we will be in a position to offer our media clients great science based stories from across Europe. StoryStock is grounded in good old fashioned journalism principles and focuses on delivering quality content and stories to media.”

Managing Editor of Taste of Science Dr. Helena McMahon says; “this collaboration between and Taste of Science is bringing together two communities, innovators and storytellers, to share state-of-the-art and true science, telling the real story of the technologies, ingredients, trends and developments driving and shaping our food system.”

Taste of Science was designed to bring small to medium sized food producers the latest research, science and technology news in food.  It takes time and effort out of sourcing and deciphering highly technical content. State-of-the-art in food science, innovation and technology is presented in short, easy to read articles.  Taste of Science’s EU wide network of highly innovative technology developers and companies from start-ups to established firms is rapidly expanding.

This community is captured and shared via Taste of Science case studies, entrepreneur stories, business insights and trends reports. What sets Taste of Science apart it commitment to ‘True Science’ and ‘True News’.

All content being sourced from state-of-the-art institutions and organisations across Europe and a strict reviewing process to ensure readers are getting real vetted information.

This process is managed by the Institute of Technology in Tralee and the European Federation for Food Science and Technology in the Netherlands. is building a global community of journalists and content creators who are uploading stories and content from all over the world to  The company then licenses these stories to media and brands.

The partnership between and Taste of Science will mean that media outlets all over the world will have access to the latest updates in the food and science sector.

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