Tralee Man’s Book On The Bible Launched At St Brendan’s

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Mike Culloty.

REV Fr Padraig Walsh, PP, launched a new book on The Bible by a Tralee man before a well attended and appreciative audience at St Brendan’s Pastoral Centre in Tralee last Saturday.

The new publication ‘For It Is Written’, penned by Mike Culloty, explores the connections between the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible in the person of Jesus Christ.

Mayor of Tralee, Norma Foley, praised the author for undertaking such a formidable task and producing such a wonderful and informative commentary on the Bible and its contents.

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Anne Alcock likewise was highly complimentary on the manner in which the book was written and how it succeeded in achieving its objective of joining the dots between the Old and the New Testaments.

Rev Fr Padraig Walsh in his address congratulated the author on what was for him an excellent introduction to the Bible.

“The Old Testament is difficult to understand for many people,” he said, “but Mike has succeeded in making it accessible for ordinary people and making the connections between the Old and New in the person and ministry of Jesus easily understood”.

In his response, Mike expressed his thanks to all who have helped him be able to produce and publish such a book, which he said he was writing because of his own experience in the Word and his desire to share that understanding with others in a manner that was easily read and easy to follow.

“The Bible today retains its place at the centre of every Christian liturgical celebration-irrespective of denomination,” said Mike.

“In it we find the revelation of a God in communion and relationship with the Universe and everything in it. We find the response of individuals and communities to this God of Love as it unfolds across the pages; we learn of the person and ministry of Jesus, of the healing, forgiveness and salvation offered freely to us in him; and we learn of the promise of the Indwelling Holy Spirit”.

In his concluding remarks he stated that “It is my hope that the book ‘For It Is Written’ will help others discover the divine spark within, by joining the dots between the Old and New in the person of Christ, by encouraging people to read the Word for themselves, in the full knowledge that the Spirit of Truth will guide you into all truth, as promised by Jesus, who is with us always”.

The book is now available at Polymaths, O’Mahonys and First Chapter costing €12.

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