Tralee Mom Is Not Letting Coronavirus Get In The Way Of Schooling Her Kids

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Michelle Culloty’s new teaching regime.

A LITTLE levity on a grim Friday morning.

While the schools are shut for the next two weeks (at least), for this Tralee mother it’s business as usual as she prepares to home-school her children.

Michelle Culloty is a PDST Primary STEM Advisor/Primary Teacher and her two little ones must have got some land, as she put it, to wake up to a new regime today!

Michelle tweeted the following earlier this morning and it’s well worth a look (scroll further down for a better look at the images)…





  1. Chris Bulman says:

    Brilliant, well thought out, constructive Mothering!! ❤️

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    I have recently seen a couple of people out at Banna beach, filming themselves running into the water and doing some gymnastics. As I watch on from my car, the performances usually takes about 3 minutes and they are gone.

    This artificial life for their social media page. I feel why put so much time into something so fake!

    I for one do not buy into this common type of social media self promotion.

    Michelle Culloty obviously has far too much time on her hands for reality.