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Adult Camogie Training Starting:

FYI to everybody interested in adult Camogie, please take the opportunity to participate by training with the panel on Friday evenings, starting on the 4th of January. All welcome, from Camogie veterans to beginners.  Contact, for further info.

Jigsaw Kerry Mental Health:

Are you 16 – 25 years of age and living in Kerry? If so, then Jigsaw Kerry want to hear from you ! They are currently looking to recruit new members for their Youth Advisory Panel.
If you would like to get involved you can register online at or contact us here at Kerry Volunteer Centre on 066 7117966.  More at

PRO Review Preview at AGM:

The following is from the PRO report to the 2018 AGM of Tralee Parnells Club.

2018 Summary and Highlights

Again in 2018, our Weekly Notes were seen as the primary vehicle, in getting our message

out and making us discoverable online for potential recruits, to support the continued growth

of Tralee Parnells Hurling and Camogie Club, in terms of the numbers playing and participating, enabled by a commensurate growth in our cohort of volunteer mentors. The

full content of the notes is posted every week on our blog, online

at That means anybody with access to Google can

search the internet for our notes. So, potential recruits can easily discover us. Parents can

see articles where their children are mentioned or any other items they are interested

in. The notes are distributed to local online and print media outlets. Some, like The

Kerryman and Tralee Outlook, usually carry them in full, while others like and

the Kerry GAA website will typically reproduce extracts. During 2018, the volume of the

content online of our Tralee Parnells Hurling and Camogie Club blog, exceeded over 600

published articles. A perusal of this content over the years, is a reminder of how far we have

come as a club, from certainly small, but what we all felt were very promising beginnings, to

the project of evangelising the promotion and expansion of Hurling and Camogie, throughout

the Tralee area and beyond.

During 2018 we had several new milestones and achieved further high water marks across

our age groups and teams. Our under 18 boys competed on their own for the first time as a

minor team representing Tralee. This panel had a number of competitive games and it is

great to see so many who played together from under 10 up, coming to the threshold of adult

hurling, a prospect most would never have countenanced, absent the driving force of our

young but ambitious club in recent years. In their first ever participation at Camogie Féile,

the Tralee Parnells under 14 girls enjoyed an action packed weekend of hospitality,

friendship, group matches, development, team building and knock-out games. All told it was

a weekend of fantastic memories for players and families that will last a lifetime and girls will

look back on this Féile as a pivotal time in their development as players and as a

team. Check out our photo montage online at

In a historic meeting in October, the under 18 boys, their mentors and families, made the

bold decision to pursue under 21 hurling as soon as possible. This major new departure for

our club would have been impossible without the sterling efforts of a great many people,

both on and off the field of play, over a number of years. On the camogie side of the house

there is also no shortage of ambition and vision. In 2019 our teenage players will move up to

under 18 and Parnells are also keen to lead the effort to bring adult camogie to Tralee in the

very near future. Once again this progress has been won, through great diligence and

forward thinking in Tralee Parnells.

Our 4 day 2018 summer camp was a massive success. We had our highest numbers of kids

attending a camp and for the first time our own Under 16 and minor boys and girls were the

lead coaches. Check out the great photos of the fun and action on Parnells Facebook. Our

2018 Race Night was another high point of the year. The huge crowd, who enjoyed a

wonderful social evening in the large function room at The Rose Hotel, was another eloquent

testament, to the rise and rise of the small ball in Tralee. On the cultural front, the club has

ambitions to participate in several performance categories as a Tralee Parnells Scór na nÓg

contingent in 2019. This is Tralee Parnells first venture into this age group, after building up

our participation in recent years in the younger Scór na bPáistí.

Challenges for 2019 and beyond

While we have every reason to celebrate our growth and achievements to date, our success

has also brought with it an increase in the volume, depth and breadth of the brief to be

covered from a communications, publicity, messaging and public relations perspective. With

2019 promising what Charles Stewart Parnell and many of his contemporaries would no doubt

have recognised as very significant new departures, including those alluded to above in terms of

adult and near adult on field plans, the challenge to the club is to identify, encourage and

support another volunteer to work in the PRO area.

Further to this, it would be very desirable to have more parents and mentors step up and

contribute photos, match reports, background stories, colour pieces and other appropriate

publicity copy. In the same vein, if any family members or other supporters with contacts or

insights when it comes to local media outlets would make themselves known and available

to the benefit of the club, that would be hugely welcome.

In conclusion, from the communications and public relations perspective, 2018 had been

another very positive year for Tralee Parnells Hurling and Camogie Club. Our strong growth

trajectory continues and this is very good for morale and for the public perception of our club.

It helps drive the recruitment and expansion that is vital to our longer term ambitions to

embed Parnells Hurling and Camogie in Tralee as a permanent feature of the sporting and

community landscape and a superb gift to anyone wishing to participate in our games in the


Is mise

Oifigeach Caidreamh Poiblí (PRO)  Mike Roger O Sullivan

Happy New Year 2019:

Tralee Parnells wish all our readers, members and supporters a successful and enjoyable 2019.

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