Tralee People Targeted By Scam Callers From African And Asian Numbers

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THE past day has seen a spate of scam calls to people in Tralee and Kerry from numbers in African and Asian countries.

The numbers start with +231 or +235 so the advice is don’t answer the phone, or if you see a missed call from a number starting with those prefixes, don’t ring back.

The Tralee Do You Know Facebook page has been inundated with comments from people who have received these calls over the past 24 hours.

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Another person said she received a call from the Thailand prefix 0066 71 to make it look more like a Tralee number, another got calls from India.

The scammers call and hang up after a few rings in the hope you’ll ring them back. If you do they’ll drain your phone account.

These phone scams seem to be getting more and more frequent. Just last week, Radio Kerry interviewed a Kerry person who ended up losing €2,800 in and an elaborate phone scam from a caller claiming to be from Bank of Ireland who told him his account had been compromised. Unfortunately, he believed the woman on the phone and ended up losing the money.

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