Tralee To Host First ‘Grow Remote’ Conference This Month

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Siamsa Tíre will host ‘Grow Remote 2018’.

TRALEE received a boost this week with the news it has been chosen to host a conference where speakers will discuss remote-working opportunities in Ireland.

The town saw off competition from 40 towns and villages to host the conference which will be attended by 20 speakers and 150 delegates from all around the country who will also get a chance to see how Tralee is an ideal place to achieve that ideal work/life balance.

The ‘Grow Remote’ movement brings together tech firms, entrepreneurs and town planners to create a unified approach to enabling smarter working in the regions of Ireland.

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Tralee won the bid for a number of reasons including being a major driver of remote working, especially through companies like HQ Tralee who have attracted entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies to their premises in the town centre.

The full-day conference on Friday, September 28, in Siamsa Tíre aims to promote the benefits of remote working for businesses, for workers and the communities they live in.

The event is supported by Kerry County Council, Tralee Chamber, Bank of Ireland, HQTralee and Abodoo.

At the conference, remote workers and remote companies can connect and learn from others and learn about new ways to be at your best while working remotely.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The one thing I can not understand is – Why Siamsa Tíre is so neglectful when it comes it Visual Arts?

    It’s nice to see Siamsa Tíre master the stage as Ireland’s National Folk Theatre and as host a conferences!

    Siamsa Tíre has a lovely little Art gallery space. But, they seem waste it, unwilling or unable to host anything with an real substance or really professional in this arena.

  2. I agree there is capacity to do better at the venue but a tad over exaggerated!

    Well done Tralee for this. I see so much good in stealer in past year.

  3. Matty O'Leary says:

    PC, yes maybe I am being a bit of a critic 🙁 on Siamsa Tíre – in fairness their theatre is epic and the art gallery is not terrible 🙂