‘Tree Of Knowledge’ Mural At Presentation Primary Reflects Celtic Heritage

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Sharon Mulhall and daughter Siún with Principal of Presentation Primary School John Hickey in front of the ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ mural at the school. Photo by Dermot Crean

PRESENTATION Primary School has added to their collection of beautiful murals inspired by native and international folk art.

This time, the school has been adorned with a beautiful ‘Tree of Knowledge’ in the style of the Celtic Tree of Life, complete with beautiful Celtic knot-work incorporated into the design.

Principal John Hickey said; “We were discussing the new Indian Rangoli murals we had painted and how it would be great to add a mural representing our Celtic Irish heritage. We decided that the mural would be the tree of knowledge, with Celtic knot-work in the style of the Dara Knot (Dara means oak as Gaeilge).”

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“It was important that the mural was visually beautiful, and that the children could share in the creativity. This was achieved through students, as well as some parents, helping Sharon Mulhall to paint the mural before the summer. I did the coffee run, and lifted the ladder a few times myself!” he added.

The ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ mural at the school. Photo by Dermot Crean

“Going forward the plan is that each sixth class will paint a metre of tree along the yard wall so that this mural will grow and grow each year, as each class leaves their mark and representing the growth of knowledge. Given that the wall is over 30 metres long, this will be one serious legacy project.”

Sharon Mulhall, a Pres girl herself, is the artist who created the mural. She is mother to Siún, who attends Presentation Primary.

“We went with a modern style to the design, using vibrant colours and textured patterns. It was a lot of work but I am delighted with the finished mural,” she said.

Mr. Hickey said that the school community are thrilled with their new mural, and very grateful to Sharon for all her work: “Sharon is a very talented lady, and we are very lucky she volunteered to paint this beautiful mural for us. Hopefully her children’s children will be here adding to the mural in years to come!”

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