Trees Cut Back At Day Place ‘On Health And Safety Grounds’

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Trees being cut back in Day Place on Monday.

IF you were travelling down past Staughton’s Row yesterday you might have noticed a bit of a change.

The trees on Day Place near the Dominican church have been cut back and the difference is striking, especially when compared to when the trees are in full leaf as you can see in this photo from June 2017.

The trees at Day Place in full leaf back in June 2017.

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When we contacted Kerry County Council to find out why they were cut back, they issued the following statement on Tuesday morning in relation to works, not only in Day Place, but in other parts of town; “A number of trees were cut back in recent days on health and safety grounds.”

“Many trees were weakened during stormy conditions recently and there have many calls from elected representatives and residents to address health and safety issues including falling branches, leaves blocking gulleys, and separately, to deal with locations where tree roots and lifting footpaths etc.”

The spokesperson also said massgoers had complained that leaves shed in autumn/winter were causing the area to become dangerous due to slippage risk, especially in the dark evenings.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    This is the problem with the so called experts in Kerry County Council planting the wrong type of tress in the wrong places.

    There are a lot of more appropriate tree species available to be planted and not interfered with or cut down in the short, medium or long term.

    Why not plant a species like the Italian cypress tree that grow tall, narrow and take wind well. the Italian cypress tree can also be decorated easily in the Christmas season as the Dominican church is at Day Place.

    I wish Kerry County Council would put some real long term thought into what tree species is appropriate as an urban space requires a bit of ingenuity and there is a world of tree species to choose from.

    What Kerry County Council are doing is repeated carelessly every year in Tralee town.
    I recall not too long ago, the trees in the mall and the same old Kerry County Council story.

  2. Very sad. Glad I took photos on my last trip. Really health and safety?