Valentia Observatory Recorded Two Earthquakes Last Weekend

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Valentia Island Observatory.

Valentia Island Observatory.

TWO “significant earthquakes” were recorded last weekend at Valentia Observatory.

But don’t worry, they both occurred thousands of miles away on the Alaskan Peninsula and off the Japanese Coast.

Thankfully, no casualties have been reported, but maybe a few sheep were awakened when the shocks rumbled their way to south Kerry.

According to Met Eireann, two major earthquakes which took place on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ were picked up at the weather station at Valentia.

The Ring of Fire, which skirts around the Pacific ocean, is associated with a nearly continuous series of volcanic plate movements.

The first earthquake occurred on the Alaska Peninsula last Friday morning and measured in at a 6.8 magnitude.

Here is a chart of what Valentia picked up. Notice the change at around 7am.

Alaska Earthquake.

Alaska Earthquake.

On Saturday morning at 10:23am, a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake hit the Japanese, Bonin Islands, which are 800km south of the mainland.

Japan Earthquake

Japan Earthquake

In other weather-related shenanigans, Met Eireann recorded the worst May in 120 years throughout the country.

Despite the gloomy conditions, Valentia, did however top the charts with the month’s sunniest day on May 15, when  12.9 hours of sunshine as recorded.

After a pretty dismal start to the summer, thankfully things are predicted to heat up at the beginning of next week.

Here’s hoping…

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