Video: CBS Pupils Get ‘Happy’

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SO now the pupils of CBS Primary School are getting in on the ‘Happy’ vibe.

With the huge success of the Ballybunion ‘Happy’ video on Youtube, the pupils of Michelle Culloty’s third class decided to make their own version in the school on Friday last.

“They had an absolute ball making it, they really let loose” said Michelle, who put the link on the CBS facebook page on Monday morning, where it had been shared nearly 30 times by the end of the school day.

“One of the pupils was talking about the Ballybunion video and suggested we make our own. It took about two hours to film and I edited it down on my iPad,” continued Michelle.

“The pupils were absolute stars and some of the staff, including the principal, took part as well. They’re mad to make more videos now!”

“We shot some of it in Applegreen across the road and the staff there were great. Martin Ferris was there at the time but we couldn’t convince him to take part,” she said.

And here is the finished product…

CBS Primary Tralee are Happy! from Michelle Culloty on Vimeo.


  1. Adrienne McLoughlin says:

    Brilliant…well done CBS! Lookin’ good, Joan Hill!

  2. Mary gardiner says:

    Aw well done guys !!!! Cuteness !!!! Ye shuda given me a call michelle ha ha ha