VIDEO: Dingle Adventurer Has Close Encounter With Basking Shark

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The Dingle Basking shark.

The Dingle basking shark who got to know a kayaker.

A KAYAKER off the shores of Dingle had a close encounter with a basking shark on Thursday evening.

John O’Leary of Irish Adventurers based in Dingle, was enjoying the fine weather yesterday, kayaking off the Kerry coast when a mammoth-sized basking shark decided to make itself acquainted with the aquatic thrill-seeker.

Thankfully, John, had a trusty GoPro camera running so was able to film the shark with its mouth agape beneath his kayak.

Basking sharks are the second largest living fish next to a whale shark. Luckily for John, the species, are relatively harmless and are described as a slow moving filter feeder.

Even still, seeing that shark fin eerily glide over the surface is bound to make your heart jump.


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