VIDEO: Well-Known Camp Publican Features In New Ad For AIB

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Mike O' Neill

Mike O’ Neill from Camp is featured in the new TV ad for AIB.

A CAMP publican is currently starring in a new TV advertisement as part of a campaign by AIB Bank.

Mike O’Neill of The Railway Tavern is featured in the video, which can be watched below, talking about his love for the Volkswagen Beetle car model and how he has become ‘hooked’ on them.

In a heartwarming and gentle tale, set to a beautiful piano score, we hear him talk about why he has such affection for the four-wheeled machines.

The ad is part of a campaign being run by the bank in which they promise to be there to ‘back you up, whenever you get doing.’

Check out the video below…


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  1. James Cashman says:

    I feel envious of Mike. I must call into his pub sometime for a glass of Club orange. I dream of once again owning an original VW beetle. Hard luck on the loss of his last beetle. I must admit I now prefer the Ford Focus to the current VW Beetle or the Golf. My 02 Focus I feel is the nearest thing to an original beetle, and almost feel I am once again driving a beetle. The only thing missing is the air cooled engine. The only downer of the beetle is that it is a fuel guzzler. I am resident in Killorglin.