VIDEO: How Much Has The Town Changed From This Footage?

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The old Russell Arcade (centre) taken in the early 90s from a helicopter.

HOW things have changed?

Hat-tip to the good people at Yummy Cafe’s Facebook page for this one.

They posted up a video of aerial footage in the town dated from August 1990.

Initially it seems not much has changed in the town, but on closer examination you can see the old Russell Arcade is still there and so is the Allegro on the corner of Denny Street/The Mall.

It was obviously taken during the festival because the amusements are in Ivy Terrace.

Austin Stack Park is just a big brown space due to the redevelopment that was going on at the time.

See if you can see any more significant differences in the video below.

It begins from the Ballyvelly side of town approaching the Bons

Turn down the volume for this one… a look back on Tralee from the Air in the 90’s

Posted by Yummy Cafe on Friday, March 27, 2015

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  1. Brendan Moore says:

    AFAIK this was some years prior to 1990. If you look at the field on the other side of the road, it is actually the basin. In 1990 it was full of water.