VIDEO: IT Tralee Students Create Film To Highlight Mental Health Awareness

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Mental Health

IT Tralee students made a video for ‘Day By Day Support Services’.

“Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay”

This is the message that a group of local students from IT Tralee are hoping to get across in their new video for ‘Ó Lá Go Lá Support Services’.

The video, which aims to highlight that we should not be afraid of asking for help if we need it, was filmed and uploaded by students from the college last week. In it, they are shown to be portraying to their friends that they are okay, when in reality they are struggling behind the scenes.

The message behind their work is a simple one; that it is okay to have to ask for help and that your friends/family or other support services are out there.

‘Day by Day Support Services – Ó Lá Go Lá is’ a Not for Profit Organisation registered in Ireland which was set up to provide supervised support to help reduce Suicide, Depression and other Stress Related Illness to service users, who are in need of emotional support and encouragement.

More information can be found on their website (here) or on their Facebook page (here).

Watch the video below…

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