VIDEO: Kerry Advert Slammed For Poor Taste Over Tornado Reference

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KERRY GROUP has come under fire from the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) for an advert deemed “unacceptable” as some thought it made light of tornado disasters.

A TV advert for the Kerry’s, Denny Fire and Smoke Ham, range tells viewers it will “get your taste buds happier than a tornado in a trailer park”.

This line was viewed as offensive because of the massive amount of deaths caused by tornadoes in the US.

According the ASAI, one complainant said that he had been caught up in a tornado once in his life and it had been a frightening experience.

In response, Kerry Group, said they had never intended to cause offence with the advertising.

“The commercial in question had only aired in Ireland where tornados and such extreme weather were unlikely.”

“The direct audience viewing the advertisement were unlikely to have been affected by tornados or such natural disasters,” read a statement from Kerry Group.

Even though the reference to tornadoes was not in breach of code the ASAI said; “It was unacceptable to make light of natural disasters in marketing communications and the advertisement should not run in its current form again,” they said.

Check out the advert in question below…

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