VIDEO: Kerry Is The ‘Jewel In The Irish Accent Crown’ According To Great New Video

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The Kerry accent has been described as the ‘jewel in the Irish accent crown.’

ANYONE worth their salt from here in ‘The Kingdom’ has long known that our dulcet tones are amongst the best that the world has to offer.

It seems that this has now been officially recognised in a new video that rightly describes our way of speaking as ‘the jewel in the Irish accent crown’.

The highly entertaining video which was uploaded to the channel ‘Facts’ on YouTube yesterday seeks to dispel the many stereotypes usually brought about by Hollywood that all Irish accents sound the same.

Check out the fantastic video below and this writer can guarantee that there will be more than a hint of a smile on your face after watching it.

Shure, what else would you need to look at on a wet Thursday in March?

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