VIDEO: New Website To Keep Public Informed On Smarter Travel Initiative

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KERRY County Council have developed a new website and video to keep the public up to date with the progress of the Smarter Travel initiative.

The Smarter Travel Initiative  aims to to transform the town of Tralee into a Smarter and Active Travel Area, incorporating cycling, walking and public transport into our everyday lives, to school, college or work and reduce our dependency on car travel.

In broad terms, the project aims to:

• improve cycling and walk ways, including safe routes to, schools, the 3rd level institute and key business and workplace zones;
• introduce traffic calming measure in the town centre;
• promote school and workplace travel planning;
• encourage car sharing.

Tralee is one of only nine towns across Ireland to be awarded the Active Travel Town status. The Active Travel Town Initiative will see a 6km new cycle route through the town, a ‘shared space’ in The Mall and the extension of of the Tralee Fenit walkway to name but a few changes.

Some of the work will be completed in 2015 with the remaining changes in place the following year.

Watch the video below, head to their website here or Facebook here
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