VIDEO: Tralee Woman Alanna Encourages Speaking Up In Suicide Awareness Clip

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Alanna Diggin recently uploaded a video to help promote suicide awareness.

TODAY, September 10, marks ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’ and with this in mind, one local woman has taken the time to upload a short clip promoting suicide awareness.

Alanna Diggin recently uploaded the clip in which she asks people to take the time to ask themselves or someone they know if they are okay or not.

“My dad took his own life on the 2nd January 2012, the day after new years day. That day ended his life, but changed mine and many others forever,” said Alanna in the description of her video.

“I tried to get him to get more help, but there was something going on in his mind that he wouldn’t tell people about so he suffered in silence. I miss him every single day. I want people to know it is OK to talk. I hope this video may help at least one person to talk if you have any suicidal thoughts,” she finished.

The theme of the day is to help prevent suicide and to promote reaching out and helping people around you and yourself.

Don’t forget, there is a candlelight vigil tonight at 10pm in Pearse Park to mark World Suicide Prevention Day.

Check out Alanna’s video down below…

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