WATCH: Local Filmmaker’s ‘Last Of…’ Series Profiles ‘Top Of The Rock Video’ Store

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Filmaker, Bertie Brosnan

IT’S the last ‘video’ shop standing in town so it’s only fitting that a local filmmaker would make a short film to find out how it still operates in the face of huge competition in streaming and downloading.

Bertie Brosnan met the owner of ‘Top Of The Rock Video’ on Rock Street, John McCormick, and interviewed him about the changes to the industry over the years.

He found out that the store isn’t just a place to pick up DVDs, but a place where he chats to the customers, gets the local news and it’s clear he really enjoys the community aspect of the business.

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Bertie Brosnan explained why he decided to interview the owner.

“I saw Top of the Rock one night when passing on Rock Street and was amazed that this type of business was still going. This type of establishment was so prevalent in my childhood and teens that it’s hard to believe that now we just take for granted that we have movies on demand at any time now.”

“Being a filmmaker myself, I am in awe of the film industry and video shops were the last port of call for a finished movie. I wanted to find out more about this business and the person behind it.

The idea of “The Last Of: Documentary Series” was born. Now, with the release of this episode ‘The Last Of: Top of the Rock’ I am very keen to see if other businesses are out there and who want to meet me for a chat.”

Have a look at the short film below where John McCormick talks about the history of the business…

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