WATCH: Mercy Mounthawk Needs Your Help To Win Science Competition

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MERCY Secondary School Mounthawk have been shortlisted as 1 of 10 finalists in the Saffron Travel 2018/2019 Science Competition.

This is a nation-wide competition. The team, made up of ten 2nd year students, were given a question to answer: “How will we pay for our roads in the future?”

The teams challenge was to propose new ideas to provide revenue (approx. €4 billion annually) to support and maintain our road networks in the future.

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Teacher, Sadhbh Brosnan explains; “The Challenge was to get the students to think outside the box when it comes to working towards a solution for the future. These brilliant ideas coming from students of such a young age bodes well for society moving forward. The students filmed and edited a video depicting their ideas. Our students would greatly appreciate your support by liking and viewing their video. ”

Which can be seen here. Click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video and then just like it:

The prize in this competition is to win a school a trip to the Euro Space Centre in Belgium. “This competition allows the students to think about real life problems which will face their generation. They can use this logic in any of their Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths classes.” Computer Science teacher William Nolan says.

This week marks Science Week nationally and this is one of many activities to be happening in the school.

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