WATCH: Teenager With Rare Disorder Tells How She Wants To “Be Normal Again”

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Tina McElligott who suffers from Alpers.

THE story of a Kilflynn teenager who suffers from a degenerative disorder has been well documented in the local media over the past couple of weeks, but her family are reminding the public that they can help her get treatment.

Sixteen-year-old Tina McElligott suffers from Alpers, a degenerative neurological disorder that slowly diminishes a persons quality of life because of the seizures and the person endures, chronic shaking and everyday pain.

While Tina was on holidays at the age of two she fell into a coma, and just last year the McElligott family were told she has Alpers Disease.

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Because of the seizures she endures, the family want to take her to America or Sweden so she can undergo treatment with medical grade cannabis.

Her family says Tina doesn’t have time to wait for doctors and consultants to be trained in this country if the government approves the use of this medicine and they need to get Tina out for treatment now.

Her family is hoping to take her to Colorado or Sweden in the coming weeks, but to do this they have estimated the bill in excess of €30,000.

Tina was recorded this week speaking about her illness and her wish to get back to school and a normal life (see video below) and the video has been seen by thousands of people on social media.

The family has set up a donation page on the website and that has links to the AIB Bank account, PayPal and  a GoFundMe page (click here). So far they have over €3,500 raised but need more help.

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