WATCH: The Extent Of Pollution Just Beyond The Wetlands In Tralee

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A LOCAL man has highlighted the extent of the rubbish washed up in Tralee bay in a video uploaded this week.

Jack O’Callaghan’s YouTube video shows that rubbish is washing up in the area near the Wetlands and the railway track running to Blennerville.

He is hoping people can put pressure on Kerry County Council to do something about the build-up which is clearly getting out of hand.

It’s well worth watching the video below, which will be an eye-opener to many. as the problem cannot be seen from the main road.

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On his facebook page, Jack said: “This video is a call to local authorities and anyone who cares about our oceans and wetlands. The birds that inhabit Tralee Bay deserve better. The marine mammals and fish species in our oceans deserve plastic free stomachs.”

“What is localised in our wetlands is a glimpse into the future should we keep turning a blind eye. A major clean-up operation is required here but you too can help. Bring a bag with you on your next walk wherever it is, take a few pieces and reverse the trend.”

A petition has now been set up to attempt to do something about the problem. You can sign up here. Have a look at the video below…


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Thank you to Jack O’Callaghan for highlighting Kerry County Councils environmental shortcomings.

  2. Cllr Pa Daly says:

    I have spoken to the Environmental section of Kerry County Council.
    The engineer assured me that they will coordinate a clean up of this difficult-to-access site.

  3. I could t even finish the video as I felt sick. I will certainly help on my next trip home.