WATCH: Will It Be Kerry Or Dublin? Ralph The Dog Decides

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WELL that’s settled then.

We’ve all heard the experts’ opinions on who’s going to win on Sunday, but maybe it’s time to get some a different perspective.

In the spirit of Paul The Octopus who makes World Cup predictions, Ralph’, the canine Head of Security at, the online store based in the Spa outside Tralee has taken to Youtube to make his prediction for the All-Ireland final this coming Sunday.

According to Colm Griffin the Managing Director of the company; “This is the second time we have asked Ralph to predict the All Ireland final winner. The last time we asked him for his prediction was 2015 when Dublin and Kerry also meet in the final.”

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“Unfortunately on that occasion he opted for the Dubs and got it right so we were wondering could he get it right again this year?” wondered Colm.

“Given that the referee for the game on Sunday is David Gough, a Meath man living in Dublin, we thought it was particularly fitting for Ralph to make the prediction this year as he was also born in Meath but now resides in the Kingdom”.

In the video below, Ralph is presented with the opportunity to pick up a blue ball (for a Dublin win), a yellow toy (for a draw) or a green ball (for a Kerry win). You can see what Ralph predicted for this Sunday here. The tension is unbearable…

Reports that the green ball was doused in pedigree chum were strenuously denied by Colm. So that’s it folks, let the celebrations begin!

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