What The Judges Said About Tralee In Latest IBAL Report

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Aqua Dome

The Aqua Dome came in for special praise from the IBAL judges.

EARLIER we told you about Tralee’s disappointing placing in the latest Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) table.

We went from third in August, to 17th today and down to ‘Clean to European Norms’ from the top standard of ‘Cleaner Than European Norms’.

The start of the IBAL judges’ report on Tralee states: “Two seriously littered sites have brought down Tralee’s ranking – the first of these was beside ‘Subway’ and car dealership near Clashlehane Roundabout and the second was beside Xtravision – clearly both these areas require more attention or they will deteriorate even further.”

However, they reserved great praise for other parts of town including Pairc an Piarsaig, Manor West Retail Park and Aqua Dome.

“These sites were not just clear of litter but very freshly presented and maintained,” they wrote.

Here’s what else the judges had to say about Tralee…

Lidl: Grade B. A variety of food related litter was trapped in the low lying shrubbery surrounding the car park and the trolley bay was also littered with discarded cardboard boxes.

Cloghers Drive: Grade A. A freshly presented and maintained residential environment. The derelict house at the end of the development could easily become a trap for litter but thankfully this wasn’t the case.

Killarney Approach Road: Grade A. A clean and freshly presented route into Tralee. The road surface / signage / markings were in excellent condition.

Pairc an Piarsaig: Grade A. This park has frequently scored very well in previous IBAL Anti-Litter surveys and things were no different this time around. It is a lovely open space which has been very well presented and respected by the users.

Public Car Park on Prince’s Quay: Grade A. There was a complete absence of litter at this public car park. The ornamental trees were a welcome feature in the large open space.

Site adjacent to ‘Subway’ and car dealership – near Clashlehane Roundabout: Grade C. There was a constant stream of food related litter beneath the wooden fencing beside the wooden picnic tables.

Upper Castle Street: Grade A. A clean and tidy shopping street with many of the shop fronts nicely presented. Chewing gum was very much a feature along this street.

Aqua Dome: Grade A. A pristine site. It was spotless throughout and the grounds and car park were very well maintained.

Manor West Retail Park: Grade A. This was an exceptionally good site. Paving, trees and approach roads were all in very good condition and there was a complete absence of litter throughout.

Area surrounding XtraVision and adjacent Car Parking: Grade C. (R875) There was persistent litter, particularly around the perimeter of this site. Much of the litter was ‘old’, indicating a lack of thorough cleaning for quite some time.

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