Will Small Benners And Kelliher’s Hardware Get A Boost From ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

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Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey in 'Fifty Shades of Grey".

Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey”.

TRALEE is set to go ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ crazy this weekend as the Omniplex are reporting heavy pre-booking sales for the movie which opens on Friday.

Speaking to a member of staff at the Tralee Omniplex, we were told tickets are selling really well, especially for the evening screenings of the movie which is adapted from the multi-million selling book.

The raunchy tome was a phenomenal hit in bookstores, so the film adaptation has whipped up a lot of hype just days now before it opens to cinema audiences.

During the week it was reported that the B&Q DIY store giant had issued a memo to its UK staff to be prepared for a barrage of requests for duct tape, cable ties and rope because of a scene in the movie featuring stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (see scene below).

Is there a chance now, that Small Benners and Kelliher’s Hardware could be sold out of rope by Monday?

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