Workers At Tesco In Manor West To Strike For Indefinite Period From Thursday

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Tesco at Manor West.

STAFF at Tesco at Manor West are set to go on an indefinite strike this Thursday after talks broke down between the Mandate union and the supermarket giant.

The Tralee town centre branch will not be affected, but staff at the Killarney outlet will also go on strike. Staff will mount pickets from 7am at over 70 Tesco stores nationally from Thursday.

It comes after talks with the supermarket giant over its plans to move long-serving staff onto new contracts collapsed at the Workplace Relations Commission early this morning.

Mandate say the strike is avoidable provided the company either withdraws their threats to force changes to pay and conditions of employment for their workers without agreement or attends the Labour Court for an impartial third party hearing.

Tesco management are attempting to force changes to workers’ conditions of employment including:
• 15-35% pay cuts.
• The slashing of overtime.
• Cuts to Sunday and unsociable hour’s premiums from double pay to time and a half.
• A reduction in the annual bonus.
• Changes to rosters.

Mandate Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light said: “Tesco management have failed to provide any evidence to justify making changes to workers’ conditions of employment without agreement, and that’s clearly why they haven’t agreed to attend the Labour Court. Mandate and Tesco not only have an agreement to attend the Labour Court in such circumstances, we have a long history of that practice being utilised successfully in the past.

Tesco is the largest private sector employer in the Republic of Ireland with 14,000 workers in 149 stores. Mandate estimates the company is enjoying profits of over €200m a year.

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  1. oliwia02445 says:

    Cuts to Sunday and unsociable hour’s premiums from double pay to time and a half. As lon as I worked there from Feb 2006 premium pay was one and hald (eg Sunday or Bank Holiday)