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Zoe O'Connor 1AS many of you are aware by now, I want to become a fashion journalist.

Well that is what I am aiming for before I become the editor of Vogue! As well laid out as I hope my future career is, I find that it doesn’t gather the respect that a job like a doctor or lawyer does.

I thought that I should talk about this because it is usually in the teen years that we start to think about our career choices and I think that we shouldn’t be shamed out of doing what we want too.

I think writing as a career is seen somewhere between the actor and photographer. They are seen as young dreams but they are not seen as ‘real jobs’.

I find it can often be looked down upon for wanting to have a more creative job, or even the idea of being self employed is also sometimes not seen as being as prestigious as having a ‘steady job’.

However, I can easily prove you wrong. Just look at some of the self-employed people in Tralee (hey Dermot Crean, editor of Tralee Today. How you doing? )

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I personally feel that to think some career paths are better than others is totally ludicrous snobbery because writers, photographers, models, journalists and actors are all jobs.

They are paid jobs with just as many (and more) working hours as the rest, but I think people don’t respect them half as much.

Maybe they are respected when you have made your millions and are happily residing in a chateau in the South of France, but not before then.

I have received a number of comments over the past few years where I have said that I wish to become a journalist and I am often faced with an “oh really?” or something along those lines.

Obviously, a huge majority of people are incredibly supportive of my blogging career (thank you) but it is the cutting comments that always seem to stick in my mind.

It really annoys me when I overhear conversations like “are you still doing that photographing thing”, as if it is not a profession in its own right.

I don’t mean to cruel about this, but I think that being able to establish a career in a more creative industry is a lot more admirable than becoming a lawyer.

Really I think that anything creative is often looked down upon, mostly because a lot of people just aren’t creative and honestly can’t even contemplate the possibility of a career in anything creative.

I understand that, I really do. Apparently it is something to do with the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain. So it’s not your fault!

This may seem like a very rambling blogpost but all I want to say is that jobs in the creative industry are still jobs. People can make money and establish careers and to be honest, I am tired of the “oh really” looks that I am getting for wanting a career in writing.

All I want to put across is that a job is a job, and establishing a successful career in the creative world is going to be challenging but rewarding.

I want people to respect my creative side and just get over the fact that I won’t be able to sort out their financial affairs, build their house or operate on them in years to come.

So if I do get another “oh really” or “would you consider a job in the civil service” comment one more time, I honestly will operate on you and you will have to sort out the court case against me in your own time.

So let’s put a stop to creative job snobbery. Whether someone wishes to become an actor, singer, photographer, model or a writer, let them at it.

Let’s face it, it is none of your business anyway.

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