Zoe’s World: Why Can’t Women Stop Bitchin’ About Each Other?

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AS a girl/woman (depending on your viewpoint), I would like to think that we have made several major leaps and bounds in society in the last number of years.

It’s taken a lot, and we have taken several steps back, recently with the election of Trump, but we have been making significant progress.

I am not here to list to you all of our achievements or all of our setbacks. I would hope, that you, like myself, would be pretty well versed in all of that by now.

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I do however wish to poise a question to you. I just wonder have you noticed a major issue in the fight for equality that us, women (and those who identify as said women) are throwing on ourselves time and time again.

This issue seems to reside in the fact that women seem to greatly enjoy tearing other women down.

Whether it be over a guy (or girl), whether it be over a job or a goddamn dress – women tend to beat each other down to get where they want to go.

It can be in something as seemingly simple as a cutting comment or sneaky side-glance. Women just can’t seem to get on board with supporting each other. I don’t understand why this is ever deemed as acceptable.

Last year, in the beloved 2016, the notion of a girl squad was developed by forever savvy Taylor Swift. Suddenly the idea of ‘Girl Power’ and ‘Girl Bosses’ were being thrown around like there was no tomorrow.

It was a pretty nice time – because it finally seemed like petty threats and glares weren’t going to split us apart. Eventually though the squad was ripped apart as an elitist and apparently ‘mean girl’ group and suddenly we were back to square one.

A square with a lot of meaningless catfights and bitchy comments galore.

How hard is it to compliment another girl rather than ignore her? How hard is it not to pass comment about a girl’s weight or appearance because it is you yourself that is feeling insecure?

How hard is it to not criticise a girl’s actions or comment on who a girl kisses or gets with?

I can assure you that it’s not that hard.

We may have lost out on a female US President for now and we may be facing a whole other array of setbacks – but let us not be the cause of our own downfall. Let us be the reason that we thrive.

That’s some 2017 goals right there.

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