Zoe’s World: Don’t Fear Change, It Means You’re Moving On To Better Things

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IN the past I have often referred to my particular dislike for the notion of ‘change’.

Throughout my childhood I always wanted things to remain stable, thinking that if things remained the same then I would be safe.

It’s only all of these years later that I can finally admit that what is safe… is boring.

I have recently become a crusader for the concept of change, because only now am I comfortable with all the challenges that such changes can present.

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In my view, change should not be seen as a negative notion. Quite the opposite as it allows us to grow and mature into better and sometimes even more sensible people.

Despite the usual positive attributes that come about from change, it is generally adopted as a negative adjective. You rarely hear people say ‘you’ve changed’ with a positive ring in their voice.

Instead, it’s usually saturated with scorn, dipped in disdain and injected with insults. The onslaught of such an attack can sometimes cause you to overlook the faint whiff of jealousy that usually surrounds such a supposed insult.

Maybe I need to sharpen my senses, but even I have missed that aroma when I have been presented with such abuse.

If you have been scrolling through your YouTube feed of late you may have seen a multitude of YouTubers coming out with apology videos or ‘starting over’ videos because they have finally had to confront the tidal wave of ‘you’ve changed’ comments.

I personally think that it’s ridiculous that they even have to do such a thing. Some of these people have been on the web for years – I would hope to God that they are not the same person they were when they began.

I suppose viewers feel betrayed that they are no longer watching the same person they once loved.

They feel cheated out of a relationship with someone who they thought that they knew. Perhaps they even feel lied to, now that this person has evolved before their eyes. And in a way, I get it.

But I myself, being a child of the internet, do not wish to remain frozen in time – I want to move forward and keep on growing. (I mean 5’6 and a half is cute and all.. but a few more inches wouldn’t kill me…)

A few months ago I spent an awful long time looking at myself in the mirror and critiquing every aspect of myself. Not so much in looks but everything about me.

Simply because someone said that they didn’t like the person that I had become, that I wasn’t the same Zoë they used to like, so therefore I was no longer worthy of their time, or anyone else’s for that matter.

All because I had ‘changed’.

I am sure that I am not the only one among you who has faced such criticism in the wake of their own personal evolution.

It hurts like hell and I am sorry if you have had to deal with it, truly. But at the end of the day, the person who says that to you is frozen and you are the one who is moving on to bigger and better things.

I do not wish to remain the same. I do not wish to retrace my own steps. I do not wish to be the person who everybody expects me to be. What is the fun in that? Change is critical for us all and there is no need to rebel against it.

I personally have no intention of remaining a caterpillar forever and am set on becoming that banging and beautiful butterfly that we all have the opportunity to become. See you in the skies.


  1. Lovely article Zoe,the one constant in this life is change,we grow and embrace it or remain stuck and underdeveloped,its said the reason the rearview mirror is small and the windscreen is large is so we look forward more than we look back,forward will allways bring change,stride ahead! 🙂

  2. Matty O'Leary says:


    “May you live in interesting times”

    While purporting to be a blessing, this is in fact a curse. The expression is always used ironically, with the clear implication that ‘uninteresting times’, of peace and tranquillity, are more life-enhancing than interesting ones.