Zoe’s World: Everyone Should Be Entitled To Equality

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Zoe 1AS I am sure you are aware, the gay marriage referendum is coming up on May 22 and even though I can’t vote, I wanted to give you my opinion on why I would vote Yes.

Growing up, I have always believed that we lived in an equal society.

Of course, over the years it was revealed to me that this in fact not true. But things have changed so much over the past several years.

Everyone in my age group that I have spoken too about the upcoming referendum, would 100% vote yes if they could. The reason for this being, that we grew up knowing people of the gay community, and we never even thought twice about it. Because who is to say what is ‘normal’?

Just because people have been brought up with the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman, does not mean that it is right.

People used to laugh at the notion that women could be allowed to vote. People used to laugh at the notion that women could be allowed to keep their jobs after marriage. People used to laugh at the notion that black and white people could be equal.

And look where we are now.

I am only 16, and I have not fully entered society. But in two years when I have that privilege, I want to enter an equal society.

I want to live in a world where we are not governed by religion or politics, but a society where we have the right to be ourselves.

People who wish to vote no are saying ‘don’t they have enough with just civil partnership?’ That’s like saying to anyone in the third world ‘don’t you have enough with the dirty water?’. It will never be enough until we are all equal.

I am not going to lie, I found it quite hard to put together this article. Purely because I find it impossible to wrap my head around why anyone would deny someone the right to do anything, let alone marry the person they love.

I believe that love is love, and that humans should be allowed to love other humans.

I believe that if they so wish they should be allowed to shout their love for one another from the rooftops, and really is this not what marriage is?

Marriage is simply proclaiming your love for one another, and if any straight couple has that right, I don’t see why any gay couple should be silenced.

I believe in Equality and if this means that same sex couples are allowed to marry, then I believe in Gay Marriage. Everyone should be entitled to happiness. Everyone should be entitled to Equality.

I know that I can’t vote right now, but if you can, do. Surely you want to take part in paving the way for equality?

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