Zoe’s World: Missing The Friendliness Of Home In The Big City

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I’VE made the move to Dublin; and honestly I never thought that I would miss home.

Of course I knew that I would miss people, my family and all that; but we all have to move on at some point.

One thing that I have noticed, and I guess I have always noticed on my trips up, is that people in the city tend to be a little less friendly.

That sounds like such a general statement from quite a naive young girl but I’m sure you get where I’m coming from.

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In Kerry, or down the country in general, when you walk past people on the road, it is rare that you won’t get a hello or a few comments about the weather at the very least.

More often than not though you will probably find yourself in a conversation about the neighbour down the road or perhaps a few comments about Trump will be shared. Then if you know the person at all, prepare for your life story to be spilled.

The odd time it can seem a bit tedious and all that — I mean, look at me, running for the hills for college — but, when you compare it with what you are faced with in the city…I sheepishly admit that I do miss it just a little.

When you are buried beneath a larger population, it is rarer to find someone that you can share a few words with, let alone a long conversation.

Of course, it is still a very small world and you will run into people you know eventually. It’s like trying to find the balance between knowing absolutely everyone (which personally makes me feel quite claustrophobic) and knowing no one.

I walk across my hill in Dublin, and normally when you encounter someone you give a little smile or some form of acknowledgement. But not anymore.

I probably look like a crazy person when I say my usual little ‘how are ya’ or even when I simply nod in passing. It’s just not done.

I guess that I still have many, many things to learn about city living; and I’m also sure that I will love most of them (shout out to the benefits of public transport), but I will miss the friendliness of small town living.

And even though I will continue to look mental, I will continue to do my little nod and wave. I may shed a few of my ‘culchie’ phrases, but not that.

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