Zoe’s World: It’s Been A Pretty Good Year

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Zoe O'Connor 1THIS is my last post of 2014. I know that it may seem shocking that you have put up with me since the middle of July, but I think overall, it has been a pretty good year.

I don’t like the concept of the New Year. The whole “New Year, New You” thing has never really sat well with me. I don’t get it.

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Why do we want to change everything about ourselves just because the number changes at the end of the year. Why don’t we instead choose to celebrate the things that we have achieved over the past year?

Maybe this is the year that you quit smoking, or the year that you got promoted? Maybe this is the year that you achieved happiness. No matter how big or small the victory, it matters. It is something to be celebrated.

Our lives are full of highlights, which means that our year is full of highlights. Good moments, happy moments. I don’t see why we have to practically abandon all of these good things and focus on changing things about ourselves.

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It isn’t fair that people are expected to look in a mirror and just focus on all the things that they need to change. Why don’t you try to focus on all the things that you want to keep?

I know that a New Year is a positive time for people, and I think that we should stick with the positive theme of things. Don’t focus on the negatives about yourselves, focus on the positives.

You are a pretty amazing person as it is. Sure, I have no idea who you are, strange internet reader person but if you are reading this, surely you can’t be that bad.

So when you are clinking your glasses together and rapidly downing all that champagne (I will be sticking to the Coca Cola, don’t worry), remember to celebrate you in 2014 as well as ringing in the new year.

You can even have an extra glass of the bubbly stuff if that works for you…I am not here to judge.

So happy New Year everybody, I hope that you will continue to log on to keep reading next year. And as my Mom says, if you are going to be drinking champagne, you might as well be drinking the good stuff…

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