Zoe’s World: Taking Time To Chat To Someone Who May Be Lonely Could Make Their Day

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Zoe 1FROM time to time, I think we all feel a little bit lonely.

Whether it be that we feel alone in a crowded room of people, or whether we actually live our lives in solitude.

Despite my personal only-child syndrome, I don’t think that I have ever been truly, and deeply lonely. I guess I have only spent a limited time on this earth.

However, I have recently realised how many people are lonely in this world; and honestly, it kind of scared me.

I realised that we get so caught up in our own lives on so many levels, that we tend to forget to factor in the feelings of others. Of course this is an incredibly broad statement and you can take it how you want too, but in this case I would like to apply it to the loneliness of other individuals in your community.

Now, I would like to quickly state that it is not your job to constantly look after others, as sometimes you do have to put yourself first, for fear of spreading yourself too thin. What I am saying is that, if you can, it would be great to dedicate your free time to others (and maybe not just by popping that euro in the charity box…)

Have you ever met someone where, from the second that you greet each other, they just can’t stop talking? The person who holds up the line at the register because they have decided to tell their life story to the cashier. This is the part where we tend to judge them, and label them as annoying and needy. Or perhaps we think that they are looking for attention.

And yes. Maybe they are looking for attention, because maybe you are the only person that they have spoken too all day. Or all week. Maybe they just want some human interaction, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

It’s human nature; no matter how many times you insist that you hate all people and are “just too cool” for that.

A major part of the happiness that the Listowel Races Vintage Day recently brought me, was to see how happy people were to even be picked or considered for the competition.

They had made such an effort, and they had so many stories to tell. By the looks on some of their faces, you could tell that this really did make their day. Because maybe, a few of them hadn’t been given the opportunity to interact with people in quite a while.

Just listening to them, and chatting away to them, made my day.

Some may have had no one to go home too, no one to discuss the match with, or have a chat with over a cup of coffee.

Just imagine that you were deprived of human interaction. Imagine that you were the only person on the planet. How harrowing is that thought?

Some people are living through loneliness every day of their lives. This does not make it your mission to try and seek out these people; but instead to just simply make an effort with everyone that starts that random conversation with you, it isn’t that hard.

You don’t know what that person is living through, and it could just be your smile or your few words of idle chit chat that could make their day.

Also, while we’re at it, I think that we have become so wary of everything going on around us, that we are scared to start this simple conversation with a stranger, with the thought of the unimaginable happening.

Yes, be wary. But you don’t have to live your life being afraid of everyone that you come into contact with.

Just think about it, you didn’t know me at first, but you all love me now… right? Right!!

Make an effort to reach out to those who are lonely, you never know how much they could need it.

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