Zoe’s World: Tired Of Trump When We’ve Got Problems Of Our Own

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FOR over a year now, every single minute of every single day we are blasted with update after update on every movement of a certain Donald Trump.

At first, I laughed at his ridiculous outbursts swearing that he would never actually have an influence. Then as months passed, the laughter turned to anger, then back in November, it turned to outrage.

But here we are in March, and when I say that I am a little sick of the whole thing, I don’t think that I am alone.

I know we all tune into the lovely Catriona Perry every evening with live updates from Washington – and we hear the same thing over and over again.

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The gist of it to me seems to be “Donald Trump is an idiot”, “Trump signs another crazy bill” or “Trump hates everyone that isn’t himself”. At this point, I think we all get it.

Although I am completely against the misogynistic, bigoted and racist man that is Donald Trump and I am utterly astounded that he is President of the United States – I think we have enough problems of our own at the moment without focusing on the problems of those across the waters.

Yes, Trump is world news and he will probably continue to be world news for the next four years, so maybe we should switch the record for a bit.

Why don’t we focus on the problems on our own little island? Or perhaps why don’t we focus on how we can make our own country great again? (Forgive the use of that slogan)

I know we have close ties with the American folk, but we are Irish people with Irish problems.

You can keep up with Trump with his poetic tweets if you wish, you won’t be the only one.

But why don’t we also tune into the race for Taoiseach, or the hospital bed crisis or maybe the fact that the education system is 100 years behind?

It may not come with a witty punchline provided by the apparent “fake news” mafia. It may be without that glorious tan and glistening hairline but it should still matter to us.

As much as we like to mock our inferiority, it’s our little country and our own problems that should rank higher on our agenda. In my humble little opinion anyways. But I guess that I am 18 now, meaning that my voice actually has power.

Who knows, we might even be at the polls in the near future where we can all be making a difference for our country and our futures.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

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  2. Gerry Cournane says:

    I don’t think going to the polls will make a major difference as the system is unlikely to change .Business interests have the ear of all governments , not the ordinary Joe or Josephine , but we do need more young people to go and cast their votes ,so. Zoe do encourage youth participation in the rigged system .They may then see it for what it is and want to improve it.

  3. Well said zoe. I am very tired of trump on tv every single day too!