Survey Shows Tralee People Have Pride In Their Town

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TRALEE people are very proud of their town and would be willing to speak up for the town on social media, according to the latest results from the ‘Let’s Talk About Town’ survey.

Part Three of the results of the survey conducted by Tralee Chamber Alliance concentrated on ‘Pride and Inclusion’. You can access the full results by clicking here

It showed Tralee people are, in general, accepting of all ages, abilities and nationalities and very much want their town to be an inclusive one.

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Respondents were asked to rate the importance of inclusiveness when deciding where to spend their money, with nearly 77% saying it was ‘important or ‘important’.¬†Over 70% of people said the availability of elderly parking bays was either ‘important or ‘very important’.

Respondents are generally proud of Tralee as 83% of respondents rated their pride in Tralee as 6 out of 10 or over, the average score was 7.58 out of 10 and all age categories rated over 6.5 out of 10.

This pride is also evident in their willingness to speak positively on social media about Tralee and in their willingness to volunteer with Tralee voluntary groups.

63% said they would be willing to speak up for their town on social media, with people aged over 35 more likely to do so. 67% of respondents said they would boycott and report social media pages that speak negatively about Tralee.

Over 70% of respondents said they would volunteer once a year with a group to improve the town. The percentage of people willing to volunteer to support their town is higher in the older age groups, than in the younger ages.

The vast majority (95%) of respondents feel that a thriving town centre in Tralee is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to them and 92% of the sample are likely or very likely to support Tralee businesses post-Covid restrictions.

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