7 Reasons We Love Kerry v Cork In Killarney

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On a fine day in Killarney, there is no better place to be for a game of football.

Gavin O’Connor says we all love Munster Final day against the Rebels in Killarney. Here’s why…

1. The Almost Guaranteed Sunshine

As sure as the Gooch breaking rebel hearts, the sun will be out on Munster Final day. Anything other than the glorious weather is a strange anomaly, like El Niño, or Cork winning in Killarney.

Mind you, the forecast isn’t great and it’s now 20 years since Cork won at Fitzgerald Stadium.

2. The Town Turns Red For A Day

For Corkonians, a Munster Final in Killarney – as well as a trip to Thurles – is marked off as a must-attend fixture in their sporting calender. For many, the game is secondary, to the mingling they do with their betters across the county bounds.

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3. The History

Since the introduction of the back door, it’s true a lot of the magic has been taken out of Munster football’s big day, but as anticipation grows when people make their way to the ground, they will take part in a tradition which has helped shape both counties sporting identity for over 100 years.

4. Enemy Lines Can Be Breached  

In order to keep the gene pool nicely diluted, another time honoured tradition happens when two people somehow overcome their tribal differences and disappear off into the Killarney night. You’d be surprised at the amount of Munster Final romances that bloomed out there.

5. Shure It’s Only Out The Road

One of the undoubted advantages is the short travel time. You can rest your head on Saturday night safe in the knowledge you will cop plenty of Zs and there will be no rush either for the fry in the morning before you head out the door.

6. The Bandwagoners 

Considering some of my best friends are ‘Bandwagoners’ I have nothing against them, in fact they bring a whole lot to the table. Fitzgerald Stadium would be more than half empty without them! They also say things like “will the game sell out?” and “what time is kick-off?”.

7. One big happy family

When it comes down to it, we may have our differences, but half of us are all related anyway! We’re also the only two counties who possess the power to really quieten the Dubs.

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