Businesses Can Get €2,500 Vouchers For Online Trading

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TRADING online vouchers to the value of €2,500 — which can be used for upgrading of e-commerce websites, buying online advertising from such websites as and other uses — are still available to support small Irish businesses to enhance their online trading presence.

A free information session will be held later this month which is the first step in applying for the Trading Online Voucher.

Applicants will be informed of the purpose of the scheme and how best to use and get value from the voucher to support their online trading proposition.

It is a requirement before applying for the voucher that applicants attend this training session which is free of charge. To register a place at the session, or to find out more CLICK HERE.

The session takes place in The Rose Hotel on Tuesday, January 23 from 8am to 10.30am. Online registration through the Kerry LEO website only.

Topics covered at the session will include:
• Trading Online Voucher application process
• Drawdown procedure
• Using your E-voucher wisely

The vouchers are targeted at businesses that have a limited online trading presence; less than 10 employees; turnover less than €2million; applicants must be registered and trading for minimum of 12 months and the business must be located in one of the pilot areas under this phase of the scheme.

Ineligible projects include those with charitable status, commercial semi-state companies, ”not for profit” organisations, trade associations and company representation bodies such as Chambers of Commerce.

The Online Trading Vouchers can be used for the development or upgrade of an e-commerce website such as implementing online payments or booking systems.  Other usage includes; purchase of Internet related software, online advertising, development of an app, implementation of a digital marketing strategy, consultation with ICT experts for early stage adopters of online strategy, training/skills development specifically to establish and manage an online trading activity.

Vouchers cannot be used for:
• Development of brochure websites
• Purchase of non-internet related software
• Anything other than online trading related activity

Please contact Kerry Local Enterprise Office on 066 7183522 with any queries.

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