Cahill Criticises Decision To Choose Moriarty To Contest Next Election

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A LOCAL councillor has expressed his dissatisfaction that he was not chosen by the Fianna Fáil party to contest the next General Election in Kerry.

The party chose Cllr Norma Moriarty to run alongside John Brassil in the next election, but this decision has irked Cllr Michael Cahill.

While congratulating Norma Moriarty, he issued a statement yesterday questioning the logic of that choice. He said;

“I wish to state that I am not at all surprised but obviously very disappointed not to have been added to the party ticket. Not surprised in that I was up against the gender balance whereby Political Parties have to run 30% female candidates to qualify for the maximum State funding. Disappointed in that I was one of five candidates that contested the party convention last January, coming out on top in south Kerry, the very same convention that both Councillor Michael O’Shea and Councillor Norma Moriarty were eliminated in.”

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“I received more votes in the 2014 Local Elections than any of the Fianna Fail candidates in that Election in Kerry,  north and south, including Deputy John Brassil. This along with my vast experience and political base in Mid Kerry would have put me in an ideal position to win a seat for the Party. You should always play your strongest team.”

“One has to ask the question, what is the point of holding a Convention in the first instance if the wishes of the delegates, in our case in South Kerry, are not being implemented by party headquarters. One would also have to ask the question,  why should Fianna Fail Headquarters change this when you had a situation whereby a significant number of public representatives from south Kerry supported a north Kerry candidate, at that same convention.”

“Surely in order to win a seat in south Kerry they should have shown leadership and supported one of the south Kerry candidates.”

Cllr Cahill concluded by wishing both candidates well in the next election and that he will continue to give his all as a public representative.

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