Call For Council To Empty Litter Bins On A More Regular Basis

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A CALL for greater commitment by the Council to regularly empty public bins across the Tralee Municipal District was made at the meeting of the MD on Monday.

Cllr Mikey Sheehy made the call, saying he had received a number of calls on this about overflowing bins in Tralee town centre and in Fenit.

He said that, at a time when the Council is trying to brand the county as a safe destination, something needs to be done to inform people they can’t drop their rubbish next to bins and that they need to bring it home with them.

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This was echoed by Mayor Terry O’Brien who said people are under the illusion that if they go to a bin and it’s full, then they can drop their rubbish on the ground next to it. He said people were particularly guilty of this practice at local beaches.

In reply, Council Management said the Tralee MD has significant resources assigned to street sweeping and litter collection in Tralee town on a daily basis.

They said two large street sweepers commence street cleaning operations at 7am on weekdays. Starting in the town centre, they relocate to residential areas once traffic increases.

In addition, a small sweeper operates in the pedestrianised areas of the town including some of the smaller lanes from 8am. In line with this, the bins in the town centre are emptied from 8am daily.

The bins are also emptied on a Friday and Saturday evening along with the mini sweeper from 6pm to 8pm. Bins at beaches are assessed by the GSS and emptied regularly.

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