Chamber Says Speed Is Key When It Comes To Government Stimulus Package

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TRALEE Chamber Alliance says speed is key now when it comes to the stimulus package announced by the Government yesterday.

Ken Tobin, CE Tralee Chamber said announcements on the July Stimulus are comprehensive, recognise many of the key areas they have lobbied for and will offer some relief provided they are implemented immediately.

“The key now will be the speed at which the measures are implemented and ensuring businesses get the supports announced immediately,” he said.

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“Everyone’s attention now has to turn to making sure every businesses’ door opens, returning people back to work fulltime and to making sure people feel safe and welcome in our towns.

“We can be certain of one thing, and that is the strength and ability of business owners to do their best to maintain jobs and work towards recovery.”

“The new Employment Support Scheme and expansion of the Restart Grant have been key areas we lobbied for and will be of major benefit to keeping businesses going.”

Further to yesterday’s announcement, Tralee Chamber, along with their national colleagues, had a virtual briefing on Friday morning with the Secretary Generals of the key Government Departments.

“The purpose of the briefing was for us to raise further queries and receive further information on the key announcements from yesterday,” said Mr Tobin.

“We now have certainty around what immediate supports are available, which will allow businesses to plan for the short-term. Yesterday’s announcements offer some relief for businesses, as long as they are implemented immediately, but it does not address the medium and long term issues businesses are facing, and certainly cannot be considered sufficient to salvage the most impacted sectors. We will continue to engage with the key Departments on the measures announced to ensure payments are made without similar delays to what was encountered in earlier phases, but also now critically to lobby for further more focused action to be taken in the October budget.”

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