Changes To Be Made To Tralee MD Safe and Welcoming Streets Mobility Plan

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Rock Street.

THE Council has made changes to Tralee MD Safe and Welcoming Streets Mobility Plan which was introduced earlier this year as a response to the COVID-19 guidelines to comply with  public health guidance on social distancing.

This involved a number of changes to parking on Rock Street and Edward Street as well as the introduction of signage and stencilling in other parts of the town.

After receiving feedback from the public, the Plan has been reviewed and refined measures are recommended to be brought forward.

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These include restoring paid parking spaces on Rock Street which were used for pedestrian refuge/passing bays and reallocating three Taxi Rank spaces as 15 min Max Stay parking spaces on Edward Street, to facilitate businesses in the area offering takeaway service.

The full list of recommendations is…

• Rock Street — to remove temporary bollards blocking off parking spaces, for use as pedestrian refuge/passing bays and revert to the previous paid parking arrangement.
• Edward Street — Retain bollards along with the reduction of southbound lanes to 1-lane at Edward Street. Reallocate 3 Taxi Rank spaces as 15 min Max Stay parking spaces along Edward St. for the period of the significant Covid-19 restrictions.
• Russell Street — Retain bollards and associated advisory signage along Russell St while keeping measures under review during construction works associated with Phase 2 of the Town Centre Pavement works.
• Retain the ‘Age friendly’ parking located on Rock St, Denny St, Ashe St and New Road.
• Retain social distancing stencilling on footpaths and review in Spring 2021 for potential to refresh markings if required in line with Government guidance.
• Retain signage and review in Spring 2021 if required in line with Government guidance.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Just fix the traffic lights from Pembroke street to Rock street?

    There seems to be a sensor on the lights there that if a car is in the wrong spot it fails to detect it and results in a prolonged red light.
    Cars have often out of pressure moved slowly forward and had to just break the red light as a result to enter Rock street or are Kerry County Council and the GARDA ignorance of this fact?